In recent years, the world has encountered unparalleled disruption in all sectors due to the COVID-19 global epidemic. As more customary ways of doing business came to a halt, digital technologies propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as an essential life force for several industries building their resilience and the ability to continue offering reliable services and solutions.

Artificial intelligence technologies seek to replicate or outperform abilities in computational models that would require ‘intelligence’ if performed by humans. These include learning and adaptation, sensory comprehension and interaction, reasoning and planning, procedure and parameter optimization, autonomy, ingenuity, and retrieving insight and projections from large, diverse digital data sets. Being a paramount digitalisation technology, AI is increasingly viewed as a cross-sectional innovation that is pertinent for virtually every company, regardless of industry or business model.

In light of this “new normal,” here are four brilliant AI executions that you may not be aware of.

Security Cameras

Throughout the world, billions of camera systems are used for security, resulting in unthinkable volumes of video data being produced every minute. Even if we assign one monitoring camera to each human, we will fall short of the required number of people to streamline the data and generate meaningful content from it. With the advent of artificial intelligence, security cameras outfitted with advanced video analytics tools can provide key insight while supervising every motion, and identifying unsupervised objects and misaligned behaviour.

Some smart tech like Staqu’s JARVIS can also detect traffic violations, prevent crowding, and identify intrusion, fire, or violence across multiple camera streams simultaneously while offering real-time alerts.

Digital Voice Assistant

In today’s fast-changing businesses, customers expect brands and service providers to offer useful and timely knowledge at every phase of their sales journey, across all channels at all possible hours. Digital AI voice assistants facilitate businesses to successfully achieve this requirement. Companies, enterprises, and suppliers across multiple sectors can respond effectively without having to upgrade sales support teams or rely on outsourcing to meet demand.
SuperBot can have intelligent conversations with humans via Telephony Channels. SuperBot can conduct mass feedback, and surveys, book appointments, validate leads, send payment reminders and confirm attendance, among other things.


Artificial intelligence has the scope to reshape many aspects of patient care, as well as administrative procedures, planning, and allocation of resources in health and social care services. AI is being used in a wide range of healthcare and research applications, including disease diagnosis, serious disease management, delivery of health care and drug development. Algorithms are already outshining radiologists in detecting malignant tumours and advising experts on how to build cohorts for costly medical trials.

AI can also generate high-resolution thermal sensing gadget to identify breast cancer faster than conventional techniques. The low-cost, automatic, and mobile application-based medical device can allow cancer testing in all ground level medical facilities.


The world’s population is expected to exceed nine billion people by 2050, entailing a 70 per cent surge in agrarian production to fulfil requirements. Besides that, agriculture is essential to the Indian economy, with over 58 per cent of rural dwellers relying on it as their primary source of income.

The innovative application of Artificial Intelligence can tackle the biggest crisis farmers are facing in the country by providing smart farming solutions. Farmers can get access to AI-based agricultural inputs on insect and disease management, advice from Agri-experts on chemical dosage, selection of agricultural products and even real-time data to get weather predictions.

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artificial intelligence: Four brilliant executions of Artificial Intelligence that you did not know about

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